Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hello + pretty things...

Hello and good day to you... The heavy haze of humidity has settled in so thick you would swear it was raining. And so, appropriately, I'm currently enjoying a mid-afternoon cappuccino and chocolate chip shortbread. There's a sweet  pup curled up at my feet and a quiet stillness hanging in the air. It's almost enough to trick me into thinking that morning has barely broken and there's nothing on my agenda for today but to sit and sip, mindfully present and grateful. But alas, real life beckons and I'm swept away in a flurry, still questioning where the hours went...

[I've been feeling endlessly inspired by watercolors and fashion illustrations lately. These are just a few of the gems I have spotted. What beautiful things are making your day?]

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  1. Inslee is one of my cousin's best friends-- she is so talented and I just adore her work! Very comparable in the notecard department is my dear friend Hanna of Gababout ( . I think you would really like it!!



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