Thursday, September 8, 2011

pumped-up kicks

I've been running in Asics since I was in high school. I got my first pair at the finish line of the Boston Marathon (I didn't actually run the grueling 26.2 miles, but there is a running retailer located where the race ends) and I've been a loyal fan ever since. Last week I traded in my pair of Gel Nimbus 11s for a pumped-up pair of the Limited Edition Gel Nimbus 13s. So far, I love them. I literally feel like I am running on clouds. And although I try to reserve them for aerobic activity, I just might be caught wearing them while vacuuming, doing laundry, watching tv...
[When the associate showed me these fresh kicks I was a little skeptical. I told him you have to run fast if you wear shoes like that. But with the help of this song pumping through my headphones, lately I've been doing just that.]
p.s. here's a (brief) recap of the last time I bought running shoes!

1 comment:

  1. I love those running shoes! I would feel empowered to run faster, too!



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