Thursday, April 12, 2012

Texas... giddy up

After a few days in Florida, Taylor and I were off to Texas! Not necessarily you're typical spring break destination, but my bro-zin* is in grad school at Texas A&M and we have been dying to visit him. We convinced Rob to tag along too (the three of them used to be roommates) and we had an absolute blast! 

We flew into Austin, had to dinner in Taylor (much to Taylor's delight,) went back to Austin for drinks with this little lady, then spent the next few days in College Station and Bryan. Here are a few of the best...
 The first restaurant we went to was featured on "Man vs. Food." (Side note: Throughout the course of our trip I managed to eat at 3 different restaurants that have made appearances on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." I can feel my arteries clogging.)
 We had fun exploring the Capitol, and then wandered into the Driskill (and decided to stay for drinks)
 Next stop... Taylor!
 ...i.e. one big photo op
Oh and some barbecue...
  The cashier wrongly accused me of being a vegetarian and I'm still trying to figure out how to take it. My only guess is that when I ordered peach cobbler she couldn't understand how I would eat all that meat and then this on top... Oh ye of little faith. Btdubs... it was delish. And Blue Bell ice cream on top? Honey hush. 
Despite bad weather in the area, we managed to dodge the rain and hail. By the time we returned to Austin it was the perfect kind of weather for a rooftop bar
 The next day Reid showed us around campus and told us all about A&M traditions (!)
That night we somehow found ourselves at a rooftop bar again (I'm going to blame the perfect weather,) but this time with $5 spicy chicken sandwiches (not bar food, frozen, nasty chicken sandwiches, but delicious grilled chicken breast with cajun seasoning and spicy buffalo sauce, homemade fries... etc.) and half-priced Maker's Mark and Jack Daniels.
 Add this gorgeous view? Priceless. 
Thursday night was my favorite...
 We started with dinner from Reid's favorite food truck... which just so happens to be America's favorite food truck and will be appearing on the next season of "The Great Food Truck Race."
 Did I mention it was parked in front of the Benjamin Knox Art Gallery and Wine Depot? Yep. So we got to do some wine sippin', art perusing, and live music listenin' before eating our delicious shrimp tacos, Kobe beef burgers, truffled mac and cheese topped with pulled pork, and strawberry salad alfresco! Perfection.
 THEN we went to this cool little vintage shop that does live music and cough*openbar*cough one night each month. 
 Finished the night with some good, old-fashioned Texas two-stepping. Reid taught me how. I'm a terrible dancer. 
We spent our last day and night in Bryan. Side note: I have a thing for Confederate Jasmine. It just smells so heavenly.
That night was "First Friday" so everywhere had live music, drink specials, and cool things going on. 
We started at Downtown Uncorked, a neat little wine bar right in the heart of things. 
 I wore my vintage cowboy boots. But you can't see them. (bummer)
We had a delicious dinner at Casa Rod. They had fried avocado (!)
and a mariachi band. I told you everywhere had stuff going on for First Friday! My margarita was delicious... but it was the size of my head. Fortunately, Taylor helped me. He's a gentleman like that. 
We had so much fun in Texas, but we are ready for our little cowboy Aggie to come home for the summer so the fun can continue! Reid, thanks for a wonderful time. You were the best host ever!

*bro-zin: brother/cousin. He's technically my cousin, but really he's like my brother. 

p.s. longest post ever. things will be back to normal after this, mark my word!

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  1. I'm so glad the rest of the Texas trip was so fantastic! It was just the best seeing all of you.



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