Monday, April 16, 2012


My plans of a low-key weekend were hijacked, and I couldn't have been happier. After a lazy Saturday morning, as I was making my way to the gym, a friend phoned with an invitation to a swanky Azalea Festival Event. Never one to pass up an opportunity to play dress-up, and in desperate need of some girl time, I wholeheartedly accepted. 5 miles, several hours, and a mani/pedi later, I was headed down 17 South. Life is funny like that. 

Here's to spur-of-the-moment plans, impromptu dinner parties, unforeseen surprises, and chance encounters. Because we never truly know what is waiting just around the corner...
Addendum: Here's to being prepared, too. Just in case. Every girl should have a fabulous evening gown tucked away in her closet, should an occasion arise. Black is classic, but this fun little number by Leifsdottir has me wishing the dress code for life were Black Tie. Long and flowy with a dramatic slit up the front, it was perfect for dancing the night away. I paired it with black, strappy Madden Girl heels and my favorite Kate Spade bag. Since the dress is such a statement, I kept makeup and jewelry simple and stuck with my favorite color for both: gold. 
Thank you Carrie for inviting me, I had a ball!
And thanks Taylor for being the best chauffeur around!


  1. Isn't life funny that way...
    and ohhh 17 south...its the way I travel home to EI && down to my other
    home...wilmington...probably my favorite road.
    And btw you look absolutely positively stunning, the last pic is my fave!

  2. Your dress is just gorgeous, Caitlin! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

  3. Both of your dresses are GORGEOUS! As are the ladies in them. Love spontaneous weekends, they are kinda just the best :)

  4. I had such a wonderful time with you too .. I am so glad you could come. It was definetly some much needed girl time! Love you



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