Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well, kittens, today I find myself feeling particularly nostalgic. Maybe it's the rain, or maybe it's the fact that my little corner of the worldwide web is turning 2 today!

When I first started Soliloquy, I wanted this blog to come from a place of honesty: nothing staged or contrived, no false airs, just life and thoughts and goals and dreams and reflections. I am so pleased to say that remains true to this day. It is a creative outlet, a source of inspiration, a sounding board, a diary, a photo album, a time capsule, and so much more. 

My very first post was a recap  of the first, the original pumpkin day. Taylor and I have't had our annual pumpkin day yet this year (we are saving it for our trip to the mountains next weekend) but here are a few glimpses of autumn around here...
 [mom in classic fall colors and sister wearing my all-time fave fall staple: the oxford]
 [sign outside the door]
 [a plethora of pumpkins]
 [...with the best stems!]
 [my rusty-orange sheets make leaving bed particularly difficult on grey autumn mornings]
 [stocked up on socks at Gap this weekend in hopes that "boot weather" will finally make an appearance]
[I think the flowers that Taylor gave me a few weeks ago look just as lovely dried as they did fresh! (I'm not so sure he agrees...)]
 [You can even find  a tiny jack-o-lantern tucked inside the pantry!]
[As I was writing this today Yoshi hopped up in my chair with me and tried to boot me out! I guess even he knows that dreary days are best spent cuddled up with the ones you love.]
 [apple cinnamon pecan pancakes]
[this little lady has has pitched her tent outside my door. I've taken to calling her Emily and imagine that her eventual departure from my stoop will be quite similar to the tearful goodbye in "Charlotte's Web"]


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday! You & your blog are such an inspiration to me, Thank you! And don't you just love garden spiders! So pretty & they eat all the buggies you don't want to be around! xo

  2. YAY for bday blogginess. I cannot believe your sister is THAT tall. WOW.
    Thanks for sharing your world, it's been a blessing.



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