Monday, October 10, 2011

In Review: Hawaii Part 1

In short, Hawaii was nothing short of amazing. Our days were filled with sunshine and seafood, from snorkeling to sushi, bushels of fresh fruit and loads of laughter. On countless occasions I found myself proclaiming, "This is CRAZY!" It sounds silly, but sometimes things were so tragically beautiful I couldn't find the words to convey my sense of wonder. 

I cannot lie, most nights we dozed off before 9pm, but I take it as a sign that our days were filled to the very brim with adventure and excitement... Hiking down Waipio Valley, hunting for waterfalls, swimming like mermaids, and trekking all over Volcanoes National Park. And then, before you know it, another glorious sunrise over Mauna Kae and we were off to see what the new day had to offer...

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  1. My friend goes to the University of Hawaii-after seeing your pictures I want to visit even more!! Looks like a fun trip!



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