Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween & weekend

Happy Halloween, spooky cats! What are you getting into this evening? The trick-or-treaters have started slowly trickling by, there's a big pot of chili bubbling on the stove, and I have every intention of eating my weight in "fun size" candy. It's going to be a low-key night, and I am perfectly content with that. Here's hoping your Halloween is no tricks and all treats!

On another note, we had a wonderful weekend in Floyd, Virginia...
 Didn't quite get the "winter weather" we had hoped for (snow) but when we woke up Saturday morning the trees were covered in ice. It was magical! 
 We played in the snow ice for a bit, and then made our way into "town."
 We spent the afternoon at Chateau Morrisette. As we turned the corner onto Winery Rd. this beautiful scene unfolded before us. It looked like a winter wonderland, but the grass was still bright green! It was kind of surreal, and absolutely stunning.
 Of the wines we sampled, my favorites were the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Petit Verdot. We also got to try blackberry wine, which I had never heard of. It was sweet, but surprisingly good! Kind of like a summer picnic in a bottle. 
It was such a treat to see Taylor's parents 2 weekends in a row!
I love the Blue Ridge Mountains.


  1. what a great weekend.. i'm jealous of your mountain escape.. i'm dying to go! :)

  2. Your post made me so jealous! My family usually makes an annual fall trip to Floyd, and we didn't go this year. We stay less than a mile from Chateau Morrisette and always go for a tasting (we may or may not go back a time or two to buy more wine after the first purchase is gone)! If you go back, there's a smaller winery just down the road called Villa Appalachia, which is worth a visit as well!

  3. Oh my, you're making me miss NC!



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