Friday, October 28, 2011

Guilt-free Friday!

Why hello, dear ones! Thanks for stopping by. Today is Friday and it is a good day. First, some boot camp action where my dear momma will kick my butt (quite literally) and then a quick shower and I'm off to Wilmington. Taylor and I are hitting the road again to meet his parents in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The weekend promises to be a fun and relaxing time. And to be honest, I'm looking forward to some cool weather. Don't tell Taylor, but I have a little plan to possibly convince him to listen to some Christmas music on the drive home. I always try to wait until November 1 to break out the Holiday favorites, but hey, what difference does 2 days make? Besides, he loves me for it. Here's hoping your weekend is relaxing, beautiful and maybe a little festive too. Until Monday...

Hey! It's ok...

...if you can't resist packing flannel for every single day of your mountain getaway. 

...if you love sushi. but hate sake. "I'll have a pinot noir, please." 

...if JT will always mean James Taylor, not Justin Timberlake. (And if maybe, sometimes, you just feel like you were made for another generation.)

the James Taylor Christmas album? Perfection.

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  1. We're both just old souls :) who doesn't LOVE James Taylor! xo



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