Monday, October 17, 2011

St. Louis

The Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl, er, I mean WORLD SERIES! Are you a baseball fan? I must admit, I'm a pretty pitiful fan. I grew up watching baseball and going to major league games. It was something my brother was passionate about (and I was always along for the ride) so my parents made a point of introducing us the the great American pastime. They took up to games in Boston, Baltimore, even Chicago to cheer on the Cardinals (and if you know baseball, there is a bit of a rivalry between the Cubs and the Cards.) We sat 3 rows behind the Cubs dugout and cheered for St. Louis. :)

Now as for St. Louis, that one was special. My grandparents got to do the honors of introducing us to the old Busch Stadium (they're from St. Louis, after all.) I was about 10 years old when we made the pilgrimage, and it will forever remain one of my most favorite memories.

After the Cardinals victory last night, I'm itching to get back to St. Louis. The series starts Wednesday night, any takers?
[Images: AP via NYTimes, 2-4 via Google images.]

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