Thursday, March 14, 2013

her feet killin her, i call it shoe-icide

While on my self-inflicted shopping diet/spending freeze/clothes-hoarding hiatus, I quickly found an alternative to my apparent apparel addiction... shoes. Lots and lots of fabulous shoes. Here's the rationale (from someone who clearly doesn't think rationally...) It's my job to wear (and sell) gorgeous clothes. And great shoes only serve to complete the package. If you were displaying an exquisite painting, you wouldn't put it in a cheap frame. So, the shoes are the frame.

So, call me crazy, but I absolutely adore my Fergie "Indie"espadrilles, (yeah, Stacy Ann Ferguson, peed in her pants on stage, spells tasty with an e, Fergie.) I can tromp around in the 5 inch heel for hours, they're stupid comfortable. I have them in black, but I would give my firstborn to get my hands on this nude pair in a 6.5. The rope sole is so on trend for spring, and wedges will always be my first love. 
When wearing heels isn't an option, I'm liking a bold, patterned flat, like these babies from J. Crew...

Aaaand if we want to get really comfortable with it, Bensimon sneakers √† la French girls (or a cheap alternative, as first mentioned here)
What shoes are you rocking this spring? 

And, as a courtesy, the song inspiration for the post title...
and just in case I got "Fergalicious" Stuck in your head...
you know you love me.


  1. Ha! I literally LOL reading this post. Anything that is stupid comfortable I just may have to try, and besides they are truly fabulous looking shoes... And only a true fashionista would give her first born for a pair of shoes! I totally love it!!! :)

  2. Five inch heels are stupid comfortable? Teach me your ways! :)



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