Sunday, March 10, 2013

on my mind...


Monday night I staggered into work anxious and emotional. I was feeling overwhelmed and I needed to escape. I'm not going to say that running away is always the best option, but for me, in this case, it was. I needed to get out of town and Wintergreen, VA was expecting snow. My sweet brother was up there for spring break, and I successfully convinced him to stay a couple extra days.

I got my shifts covered, loaded up my car, and set off Tuesday afternoon. As I pulled into the resort the first of the flurries began to fall. We thought we might get 8-10 inches. We ended up with 24-30. The power went out for a few hours Wednesday afternoon, and as I lie sprawled out by the fire listening to the wind howl and my brother snoozing quietly on the couch, I penned this...

fire crackling, snow falling
wind howls, raging on.
bursts and gusts much stronger than
I came to escape it all.
The fears and insecurities,
the lingering questions and doubts.
I thought if I found myself
on the side of the biggest mountain
my fears would get small
the worry would melt away like icicles
and I would [find peace]
I underestimated her fury though
& now she's forcing me to face my own
No power, no phone, no television chatter
to drown out the sound of the
dumb devils and demons of doubt
or to distract me from myself.
I'm stuck inside with nothing to do but face them &
[make peace]
outside the storm rages on
a nor'easter, they say
but making peace is much greater than finding it.

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  1. Sometimes all you need is that escape..Love your last line "but making peace is much greater than finding it" true sweet friend. The snow looks beautiful & what a wonderful brother to stay a few extra days to spend with you :)
    have a great week!



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