Wednesday, March 13, 2013

just throw it in the bag...

Ok, so I told you I'm a hot shot fashion consultant now, right? Well, while I was in San Diego for training, I asked some of the veterans for their advice. One resounding theme: don't over do it on the clothes. A common "rookie mistake" is to fall in l-o-v-e with the collection (which I did) and overspend on personal purchases, rationalizing that it's a "business investment." So, I made a rule for myself: No personal purchases until after I had completed my first month. And dang if it wasn't tough! It challenged me to wear my samples in creative ways (I don't get to pick my sample sizes!) and it gave me time to figure out my absolute favorite pieces. Here's what I'm loving from CAbi... (and promptly purchasing this afternoon...)
Texture Camisole and Texture Slouch Pant with Chic Jacket
This was my abs fave look as soon as it came out on the runway. And now, a month later, I'm still nuts over it. I love the idea of wearing the two pieces together like a jumpsuit. It's got that "model off duty" vibe, especially when paired with pretty espadrilles (more on that later) and loads of gold jewelry. This drapey, lightweight material will be perfect for when things get steamy this summer (gotta love that southern humidity.) It's a great alternative to the overdone sundress. Way edgier & totally sophisticated. The Chic Jacket is perfection because it has the polished look & the masculine cut of a traditional blazer, but the sheer sleeves add a subtle, sexy appeal. 
Feather Tunic 
This piece didn't really stand out to me in the beginning, but as the season has progressed I'm really digging it. It's 100% silk (so dreamy) and the gold buttons are bonkers. Love it paired with these...
Thin Mint Jegging
I kind of cheated here... I convinced my mom to buy them and I've been wearing them. I just couldn't wait a whole month! Love the color (mint is so hot for spring) and the fit makes your legs look miles long. 
Scarf Top (image above)
And one sample that I have been wearing the heck out of... The adorable scarf top. Love that it has 3 different patterns. And it seriously works for all ages & body types. Proof: my sweet grandmother ordered this top. Love the thought that she & I miiight show up wearing the same shirt and both look fabulous. 

Have you checked out the CAbi Spring 2013 collection? I'd love to know what you think! xo

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  1. Cait, you're a fashion consultant now?! That is amazing!!!



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