Tuesday, March 26, 2013

my office

I've always been a firm believer in having a designated work space (as seen here.) Now, granted, my definition of "work space" is very loose, and I've found a comfy couch or crowded kitchen counter makes a perfectly acceptable "desk," but I will say having an office certainly has its perks. Personal and professional touches that speak directly to what you do are key to making your work area your own. 
1. I'm not working for the social media company anymore, but I've taken on a new role at the restaurant that requires me to spend a lot of time focusing on these things, so the @ figure and the "Tweets and Status Updates" book (hilar, btw) are a nod to that. 

2. Fashion. The CAbi Spring 13 collection was inspired my Paris, so little French things here and there keep me feeling inspired and creative. 

3. Africa. Part of my heart will always be in Tanzania. Photos and other reminders of Africa keep me feeling motivated, blessed, and thankful. 

4. So how do you reconcile Paris and Tanzania? Keep a similar color palette. I stuck with black and white pictures on my pale pink walls. It balances out the girly hue and keeps the room feeling grounded.  
5. Light. I love natural light, and the big window over my desk was one of the things that attracted me to the townhouse in the first place. I also use lamps and candles (rather than overhead lighting) to keep the space warm and inviting. 
6. Books. 
-To honor and remember my educational background, I have my Communication Theory textbook sitting on my desk. It was my absolute favorite class with my absolute favorite professor and I couldn't bring myself to sell it when the semester ended (and I'm so happy I didn't.)
-Planner. Obvs. 
-I have a copy of the childrens book my grandmother wrote, because it reminds me to follow my heart and chase my dreams. 
-My sister made an "inspiration book" for me, full of quotes and notes of encouragement. I find myself turning to it when I'm feeling overwhelmed or bluesy. 
-Blank notebook(s) for brilliant ideas. And doodling during boring phone calls.
7. Personal touches. Two giant trifle dishes of nail polish because a. it's pretty b. I like nail polish. When I look at it I just feel happy. Family photos and sweet cards and notes serve this same purpose. 

Where do you work? How do you make your space your own?



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