Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My boyfriend is pretty stylish, in an old-man sort of way (I can say that because he is a self-described old man at heart.) He always wears timeless, classic pieces that are always perfectly tailored (or Taylor-ed... ha!) and my friends tell me all the time that he looks like a J. Crew model... sooo dreamy. 

I'm pretty classic too, and we usually agree on matters of style until recently....


One afternoon I casually mentioned an adorable military hat I have been pining over. He didn't seem to share my sentiments. His response: "I like baseball hats." 

...I do too. And I like puppies. But this hat...?
..."Eh... not really." 

All at once, my dreams came crashing down. It wasn't just the hat, it was the whole scene I had already imagined. It was a cool, crisp Saturday morning in October. My tangled tresses would be tastefully tucked into my adorable cap. I'd pair the beauty with perfectly slouchy boyfriend jeans and a casual, cozy sweater, polishing off the look with some aviators as if to say "This local celeb is going incognito today." And we would peruse all the stands at our local farmers market while I sipped my grande nonfat latte.

But no. Boyfriend like baseball caps. So until he reconsiders I'll be hitting the batting cages and trying out for the UNCW club softball team.
I promise I won't look as sloppy as Lindsay!

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