Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"Nostalgia - it's delicate, but potent. Teddy told me that in Greek, "nostalgia" literally means "the pain from an old wound." It's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone." 
-Don Draper, Mad Men

I watched this clip from Mad Men in one of my classes last week and I was struck by how true it is. (You should watch it if you haven't seen it... I don't watch Mad Men but I got a little misty-eyed... it's always embarrassing when you are emotionally affected by a video used during a group presentation...) 

Oh nostalgia...

Most people will agree that I am painfully nostalgic. Practically to a fault. I over-romanticize everything and I am excessively sentimental. I often joke that when I am a mother I will cry the day my kids learn to tie their shoes or tell me they don't need help my help going to the bathroom anymore. In reality, I will probably be more than grateful that I am done wiping bottoms and that the days of tangled laces are a thing of the past, but for now I cherish the thought that I will look at most motherly tasks with particular fondness. (Ok, maybe not wiping bottoms so much)

Rainy days like today always have a way of taking my nostalgia to new heights. Things of old that I am longing for now? An afternoon nap on the bus ride home from school and a big pot of my mom's spaghetti sauce simmering away on the stove.   

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