Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pinot for the People

At this risk of sounding like a total lush and undoubtedly warranting concerned calls from apprehensive relatives I will preface this post with the following:

I am not a raging alcoholic. I am 21. And I enjoy the occasional glass of wine. Or two.

Having turned 21 just a few short weeks ago, I am rather new to the wonderful world of wine. Although I do not know very much about it, I have enjoyed figuring out my preferences. Last week I tried Mark West Pinot Noir and it is thoroughly delightful. The makers "... are dedicated to the proposition the real pinot should not have to cost more than the meal you're having it with." So, as a college student, this affordable vintage is perfect. I'm not yet familiar with all the tasting notes, but I would describe it as feisty and fruity without being too rich. It is a versatile red that doesn't overpower a meal and can go well with just about anything!

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