Wednesday, December 1, 2010

don't judge a book by its cover...

With classes winding down for the semester and the impending Christmas sabbatical, I knew it was time to stock up on books! (Warning: I'm about to nerd out...real bad) One of the things I really enjoy about breaks from school is the opportunity to read whatever I want without feeling guilty because I haven't touched my assigned reading. While at the library last week I selected:
I've always been particularly interested in reading "the classics" (blame it on my hoity-toity private school education, ha) But there's just something romantic and lovely about delving into a book that my grandparents read when they were my age. 

This post would be mega lame if I just talked about what books I'm reading. So here's the (more) exciting part. I saw this awesome website in a magazine this weekend. They make these really cool shirts featuring out-of-print book covers. Here are a few from some of my all-time favorite books...
BUT WAIT (here's the really mega super cool thing) for every shirt you buy, they donate a book to a community in need through their partnership with Books for Africa! Rad? I think so too. Wouldn't this be a fun Christmas gift for the bookworm on your list? And bibliophile or not, they are still cool shirts!

Side note: I have got to stop saying mega. The sideways glances that I get from people are starting to happen a little too frequently. And seriously... a girl who reads the classics does not say words like "mega." 

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