Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on my mind this Wednesday morning

Do you read The Lil Bee? I do. Actually, I'm kind of obsessed. She has the most adorable baby. And husband. And baby to be! She does these "on my mind" posts during her commute sometimes and I truly adore them. Here is what's on my mind because 1. I can't seem to focus enough to get it together for a real post 2. I have pictures to edit before I can complete those real posts that I haven't even written yet. Unfortunately my mind is a lot more jumbled and confused that hers is, but here's a peek inside. 

On my mind this Wednesday morning...

do i seriously only have 25 minutes before i need to leave for kickboxing?
the first sip of the latte is always the best. just like the first bite of dessert. but maybe even better because it makes you feel all warm inside
seeing christmas trees on top of cars also makes me feel warm inside. i hope i see at least a few more this year.
i can't believe some people put a tree up on christmas eve.
whats the point?
i'm all kinds of sore. seriously. who else can get a sore neck from running? talent.
hmm.. in second thought... i must have looked like a real dummy 
i like how this makes me seem like i work out regularly. when in reality today will be the 5th time in like 2 months (also 2 weeks... but who's counting?)
i woke up thinking today was friday. seriously.  i was brainstorming guilt-frees and everything. and i dont even want this week to go by fast. its a good thing that today is wednesday, because i didn't come up with any.
i miss my roommates. sometimes we make up guilt-frees instead of talking. like if i failed a math test (which isn't true because a. i dont take math and b. i dont fail) but i would say "HEY it's ok if you fail your math test because your teacher is an incompetent fool and the jerk who sits in front of you wouldn't stop smacking his gum..." but usually they involve boys. 
gahhh i miss them (my roommates, not the boys we make up guilt-frees about)
but it is awfully lovely to be home
make that 15 minutes...

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  1. waaahhh i miss making the hey its okays, outloud and i miss you!!



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