Friday, December 24, 2010

Pool House Living

One good thing about your sister claiming your bedroom the minute you leave for college is the prospect of relocation. Now, if my "new room" had been a cot in the basement (we don't have those at the beach) or an air mattress in the living room (we do have those though, but only when the house is overflowing with visitors) I may not have been so happy. Fortunately, I was relegated to the pool house (Doesn't it just sound sooo OC or Gilmore Girls? Fabulous dahhhling...) The icing on the cake is that my mom turns the pool house into an absolute winter wonderland. Seriously, she decorates the decorations. So I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing Christmas (literally). I love it so much, I had to share! (Disclaimer: All images taken from my BlackBerry, so that is kind of why they look like a crack head took them circa 1937.) 
[a beautiful fire burning in the fireplace]
[the most perfectly broken-in leather couch, a festive blanket, and a Christmas pedi makes watching the 25 Days of Christmas significantly more enjoyable]
[a tree that has more ornaments than branches, most of them homemade]
[how can you not dream of sugar plums in a bed like this?]

Side note: Christmas Pedi= OPI Smitten with Mittens. In real life it looks a lot more Christmas cheer and a lot less Jack the Pumpkin King.

Also, will be back later with a style guide AND some guilt-free fun! 

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