Friday, December 17, 2010

Guilt-free Friday!

Can you believe it is the last weekend before Christmas?! Ahhh I hate it... I wish I could just slow time down and savor these few days. Any festive fun planned? I will finish my Christmas shopping and undoubtedly make dozens and dozens of cookies (and surely eat way too much cookie dough)

Besos, kittens!

Hey it's ok...

if your approach to winter fashion is layering on as many articles of clothing as possible. And then belting it. Then adding one more layer. (or just avoiding the outdoors altogether and staying in sweatpants all day.)

if all of your favorite Christmas movies are animated. 

to stay in your car until Yeah by Usher is over. Not just the first verse. Not just the chorus. the. whole. song. (dancing is fine too, actually encouraged.)

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