Saturday, March 26, 2011

As of late...

I have been flying by the seat of my pants, living out of a suitcase with reckless abandon for nearly 2 weeks now. Oh, and loving every minute of it. This is what this week looked like…
[Wednesday I got to represent QH2O at the Sysco Food Show in Raleigh. We were able to talk to so many great restaurants and some great partnerships came out of it! Very exciting. Also exciting, feeling moderately legit and almost adult. Traveling for work, staying in my own hotel room, this girl is grown.]
[And if all this adult behavior wasn't enough, I picked up my cap and gown. This girl is graduated. Well... almost.]
[but evidently, I still have to do schoolwork. I know, right? Throw in a random midnight panic crazed frenzy to put together something for a group project because group member x dropped the ball. This girl was not happy, but c'est la vie.]

and not pictured: an art studio open house, wild blueberry wheat ale (what?! a beer that is actually palatable?), my Kentucky Wildcats beating Ohio State, another trip to Raleigh (because 32 hours in the car these past 2 weeks just wasn't enough), and a fun Friday night with friends.

Gosh, with all this over-sharing the details of my personal life, I might as well get a Twitter. :)


  1. Wild blueberry wheat ale? That sounds yummy! Sounds like you've been busy, Cait! Congrats on the upcoming graduation!

  2. I didn't know you were a UK fan! I am from Lexington!

  3. Go Cats!!!!! I will let Guilt free slide this one week.



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