Tuesday, March 29, 2011

well, here goes...

I’m not going to say I am in the worst mood ever, but this little peanut is not happy. Today had the makings of being a really great day. That is until it was hijacked by the worst project ever and the group from hell. Now I’m fully aware that a potential future employer could someday read this and say, “Hmm… homegirl doesn’t play well with others...” but here goes… I hate group work. I don’t hate working with others. I love working with people who share my drive, dedication, and determination (and if they share my appreciation for alliteration that's an added bonus.) People who are passionate about what they do and committed to putting forth their absolute best, bring it on. But this…. Is just unacceptable.

AND THEN… Sarah Hyland (aka La’Sarah) is on campus. Right now. And I had plans to go see her. Which fell through. So instead I microwaved Japanese leftovers (which is never as good as the day before) and watched YouTube videos of Sarah Hyland. Consider this you official invitation to the pity party. Just click play:

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