Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Gap,

You were right. I was wrong. 
I know I got a little sassy when I saw your "marketing ploy" with the city flats. 
But you won me over in the end. 
Still friends?
xoxo, cait 
[we couldn't find a street called "Diva," so "Princess" had to suffice]
When I first spotted Gap's "city flats" I was a little underwhelmed. Seriously, who needs "incredibly modern" flats that can fold in half to fit nicely in the "adorable drawstring bag" they come with? Evidently, the "girl-on-the-go," according to Gap. Well, this girl-on-the-go wasn't buying it. But they were red and on sale, so technically I did buy it but I never intended to use them as the clever packaging suggested.

And then I went to Charleston. And wore a fabulous pair of black heels to dinner (a few- like 20- blocks from the hotel.) And then I tried to walk the beautiful cobblestone streets after a few glasses of wine and way too much Italian food and nearly broke an ankle. Realizing I had tucked my "adorable" satchel-of-shoes in my purse I pulled those bad boys out and my feet were in heaven. 

Consider me a convert. I strongly encourage you to go buy them in every color as a safety precaution, they nearly saved my life, I declare! (p.s. That last bit was in my absolute best Chahhlson drawl, what can I say, I just can't shake my inner southern belle) 

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