Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy Day Essentials

The lovely Kate (no seriously, I know I say lovely a lot, but Kate is gor-geous) tagged me in a "Top 5 Things I Can't Live Without" post last week, and I have seriously spent 6 days trying to decide what to post! She made a travel essentials list, which was super fun. 

Unfortunately I have been battling a cold and/or strep throat, so I haven't been able to live without: penicillin, Day/NyQuill, ibuprofen, Ricola cough drops, and Mucinex. Eh, not so glamorous. 

I am feeling significantly better today and the dreary weather here in Wilmington provided the perfect inspiration for my essentials list...

Rainy Day Essentials... ready, set, go!

1. A gorgeous trench coat
A stylish and sophisticated alternative to the ever-present North Face. Of course the iconic British luxury brand Burberry does these best, but there are plenty of chic options out there if you aren't quite ready to break the bank (mine is by Jones New York.) 

2. Hunter wellies
What can I say? The Brits know their rain wear. These wellington boots seriously changed my life. I cannot even imagine walking to class in monsoon conditions without these little gems, and they are infinitely more comfortable than my former rain boots. I opted for black, which I adore, but a cheery red or yellow would be fun too (because sometimes you just need a splash of color a on dismal day like today.)

3. Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for lunch
Today I swapped the tomato soup for some of my grandma's homemade oxtail soup (yeah, the name freaked me out too, but then I realized it is just veggie beef) Yum.

4. Save It For a Rainy Day by Starbucks Entertainment 
I think Starbucks makes the absolute best CDs. Seriously, their Christmas albums are always swoon-worthy. This CD features so many great artists and is perfect for snuggling up indoors or for blasting on your iPod as you trudge to class. (Ryan Adams' version of When the Stars Go Blue is perfection) 

(p.s. You might as well go ahead and grab a grande nonfat latte while you're there, because everyone needs a little extra caffeine on a rainy day.)

5. Some sort of mindless activity that requires no effort whatsoever. Trashy television, a sappy romantic comedy you have seen 100 times before, a Nicholas Sparks book that you know how it is going to end but you still cry like a baby for the last 25 pages, etc. Today I'm thinking nail polish, Food Network, and something (anything) chocolate. C'est la vie, kittens. Stay dry! 

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  1. i'm wearing my hunters as we speak! (thanks to this dreadful weather...) last year i used to volunteer with an older woman from England and when i wore my boots for the first time she commented on how much she loved my "wellingtons" (in her accent no less). i don't think i've ever wanted to be from the UK more than at that moment!



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