Monday, March 7, 2011

shut it down.

Whenever I feel like channeling my inner diva (a la Rachel Zoe) I spend hours lounging around in my bathrobe...
Actually, I just put mine on when I get out of the shower, but I tend to linger in it until clothing is absolutely mandatory, often waiting until the last minute to get dressed. Don't get me wrong, I looove clothes (probably too much) but there is something about pants (particularly jeans) that feels so terribly constricting. 

Anyways, robes are tricky though, because if you get one that is too warm, the activity of blow drying your hair starts to resemble 2 hours of hot yoga or intense cardio. Lesson learned from experience. When I decided to replace my plush, comfy robe, I went to the opposite end of the spectrum- a thin little number that was mistaken for a dress on numerous occasions (Not in public! Just in the apartment) and not very comfy for lounging around lazily. Finally, I found this guy and I have been in love ever since

It is warm and cozy without being too hot. And the collar is absolute perfection. Here are a few other lovelies, in case you're in the market:

It's funny, I never really considered my bathrobe to be part of my "wardrobe," but after thinking about it, it really is one of those things every (glamorous) woman should own. 

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  1. Agreed, Cait! I bought a luxuriously thick, black robe for Chicago, but I never use it! I get too hot when I blowdry my hair, like you said.



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