Thursday, July 7, 2011

home again, home again

After a luxuriously relaxing vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I am left with the peaceful, easy feeling that can only be attained after such a serene getaway. Some find it strange that I would choose to escape the salty air and balmy evening breezes of this coastal town. I traded days spent basking in the sun and evenings spent gazing at the stars for hikes up rugged terrain, breathtaking panoramas, and meals alfresco without the slightest trace of humidity. The beach will always be home to me, but sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what one needs...
Kicked things off with dinner on the terrace overlooking the 18th hole
For breakfast: homemade whole wheat pancakes topped with local peaches and cinnamon sugar
Happy as a clam mussel
Celebrated the 4th with lunch a cute French bistro in downtown Charlottesville, and my love affair with goat cheese has become borderline obsessive
The beach is lovely, but who can pass up a view like this?
 Ended the trip with dinner at Duner's... more mussels, wine, and a great evening.

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  1. You never post pictures of you and your family. I love this!!! It looks like you had a GREAT long weekend!



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