Tuesday, July 12, 2011


After spending the weekend moving Taylor into his new place, it is safe to say I have nesting fever. True story: on Taylor's move in day he gave me Ina Garten's newest cookbook How Easy is That.
His explanation: "It's like when it's one kid's birthday, but you have to get a gift for the other so they don't get jealous." He knew I would envy the unloading and organizing, the new bedding, the furniture, countless trips to Target... everything associated with getting settled into a new place. Until I get a big girl job, I cannot even begin to scour Craigslist for residential listings. Insult to injury, upon returning home Sunday evening the latest Pottery Barn catalog was waiting for me. Teeming with inspiration and beautiful ideas, I want it all. 
[Taylor's parents gave him their old leather couch. I am trying to figure out how to steal it without him noticing or I need to come up with some creative way of financing this one]
[if it has "reclaimed wood" in the name, I'm pretty much sold]
[an outdoor area for entertaining is essential- the catalog featured a Sangria and Tapas party that was absolute perfection]
[and bonus: (from BHG, not PB) I love the idea of finishing off a porch ceiling with bead board or hardwood] 

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