Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have had the luxury of spending the past 5 days in the sun, bouncing back and forth between the beach and the boat (and, on occasion, reporting for work with sandy toes and sun-kissed skin.) Did I mention I love Emerald Isle? Because I really do. And family. And friends. 

With the exception of my iPhone, I have been completely disconnected and it has been great. I did happen to do some seaside pinning (the Pinterest app is really putting a damper on my social skills) and I happened across this little beauty while basking in the sun one afternoon...

Sapphire is my birthstone, but honestly I had never even seen a peach champagne sapphire before. (And you know how I feel about all things peach.)


Ok, call me Veruca. Whatevs. 


  1. Nothing like Emerald Isle! Home sweet home! And now I'm totally addicted to pinterest too!!



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