Monday, July 11, 2011


In the event that I should just so happen to actually land a big girl job sometime within the next 46 years* I figured I should be prepared. I have spent the past few weeks upping my "big girl wardrobe" game, and even if I never get a job, I'm gonna look the part. 

Saturday morning I went shopping with my friend Carrie. LOFT was having a big sale, GAP was having a big sale, I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me/my wardrobe. 

Favorite purchases?

I really, really love these. Because when you're barely 5'4, most pencil skirts make your legs resemble small tree stumps. But these hit right above the knee, so they're stylish while still being conservative. And, since we are smart, economical working girls, we know that these work year round with the simple addition of tights. (But don't expect me to be caught dead wearing sensible shoes.)

So tell me, how do you keep it smart & stylish in the office?

p.s. LOFT's big summer sale is still going on (40% off all sale stuff... so scurry on over, loves)

*46, because after that I reach retirement age, and let's face it, do you think this girl is gonna be working in her 70s?


  1. Smart and stylish in the office? Don't over accessorize. Save that for your evenings. In my opinion, your work attire should never make an obvious statement. It should never stand out. Be subtle. Your choices are so cute and so perfect -- can't wait for you to land the job to wearing everything to!

  2. I took advantage of the LOFT sale too, love it!

  3. Love those skirts!! my best friend Jessica has both of them and they are absolutely adorable!



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