Wednesday, July 13, 2011

let me see your grill

Just when I thought peaches couldn't get any better, they did. We decided to grill out pork chops one night last week, and on a whim I asked my dad to throw some peaches on the grill too. I didn't want your typical grilled fruit topped with vanilla ice cream though, I wanted savory grilled peaches to complement the pork. 

My dad, being the grillmaster he is, knew just the trick. He drizzled some olive oil on the peaches before putting them on the grill. Then he hit them with just a touch of barbecue sauce. The result was delicious. The peaches were ridiculously tender. All the natural sweetness was preserved, but the fruit took on a whole new depth of flavor with the smokiness from the grill and a lingering hint of spice from the barbecue sauce. 
[My dad's rule is that I shouldn't marry a boy unless he can cook an entire meal on the grill]
[And for dessert? Grandma's peach ice cream, of course!]

You really, really ought to try this. It is so simple!

[Photos taken with Instagram, nail polish- tart deco by essie]


  1. OH..MY...GOODNESS!! This sounds delicious!! Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday!

  2. You KNOW I appreciate that post title :)



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