Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Emerald City

I tend to gravitate toward warmer colors, and the deep hues of fall are some of my favorites. My skin tone has some hints of olive (I've been asked on numerous occasions what nationality I am...) and shades of green typically accentuate that olive shade in the worst way, meaning I start looking like I skipped the Dramamine and decided to take a scenic drive off the side of cliff. Lately though, a shade of emerald has caught my eye, and, almost magically, I don't look the least bit nauseated when I wear it. 
It all started when I wore this dress in Miami & the rave reviews from my faithful Facebook friends (which really just means a few select members of my immediate family... thanks mom) made me feel like a Kardashian... In a good way (if that's possible)

Spotted on Pinterest, and loved. 
And liking the idea of pants...
I usually play it safe with olive skinnies, but a pop of this amped up hue could be just the thing to beat the winter blues...

And if there's ever any doubt, Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere... perfection.
Oddly enough, a recent J. Crew catalog included a 6 page spread on the color... J. Crew, I'm onto you...

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