Sunday, December 2, 2012

if you must...

The past few years I've felt kind of silly asking for anything for Christmas. I'm 23 and I have more than I could ever dream of. But still, year after year, December rolls around and my grandmother turns into Mrs. Claus, my siblings complain that they don't know what to get the girl who has everything, and I'm pretty sure my mom is just looking for an excuse to shop (I'm on to you, woman) So here it is... a list, of sorts. I think shopping for me is pretty simple... If it's gold, a little luxurious, or in any way related to coffee or wine, you're set.
1. Starbucks mugs (Taylor gave me a pretty white mug with a dainty gold handle a few Christmases ago, and I'm thinking it't the perfect start to a lovely collection, no?)
2. a plush stole with the perfect pop of red
3. kate spade iPad sleeve, for the girl who "works from home" (and you can put a new iPad in there, while you're at it.)
 4. fair isle leggings, to mix it up from last year's pajama sets. I like the idea of pairing these with an equally eye-catching, cozy sweater for opening presents and drinking mimosas on Christmas morning.
5. Sugar's berry merriment set, for obvious reasons
6. this print would be perfect in a kitchen
7. fancy French tea, overpriced and moderately indulgent
8. this jeweled barrette, because it's glitzy enough to make black leggings and a broken-in, men's v-neck tee feel fabulous.
9. the best wine glasses. Confession: I'd rather drink mediocre wine out of a nice glass than a fabulous vintage out of a dixie cup. Maybe it's a little pretentious, but I think the glass truly makes the experience. These by Schott Zweisel are my abs fave, bar none.  They are break/chip/scratch-resistant, and shockingly lightweight considering how remarkably durable they are. 
10. kinfolk vol. 6, to read by the fire of course

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  1. every year it gets harder and harder to figure out "what I want for Christmas" ...this getting older thing sure is weird.

    but not to fret, I surely always come up with a few things I can't live without ;)
    Love your list!



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