Thursday, December 6, 2012


I came here today wanting to tell you something funny, or creative, or insightful. I wanted to share something brilliant and ground-breaking, or maybe something lighthearted but inspirational. Instead though, I woke up feeling tired. I didn't sleep well and I was tormented with the worst kind of dreams, the ones that you wake up and your mind is reeling because you can't tell which parts were real and which parts were your subconscious playing nasty tricks on you.

It happens sometimes.

There's a lot to do and there's even more to look forward to, but sometimes I just get stuck. One part writers block, professionally speaking, but when that stuck feeling digs its cold fingers deep into other aspects of life and grabs hold of you? I guess you could call it a rut. 

Hot coffee, the soft glow of the most delicious Christmas candle, and a few inspirational quotes all encouraging me to continue powering through, and before you know it, there's the old, familiar sound of yesterday's glitzy, gold manicure clicking away along the keyboard...
All this & more here. xo

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