Friday, December 21, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Y'all. Y'allllll. This week has been in-sane in the men-brane. Seriously. So much going on, here & there & everywhere. Lots of big, exciting news, but I think I might hold out on you, just a few days, and enjoy this sweet holiday with the family. Truth be told, it really snuck up on me. Before you know it, ready or not, Christmas is here! So, on to the first batch of Christmas cookies & wrapping up the Christmas shopping that I started just yesterday!! Madness, I know, but in a deliriously fun and exciting kind of way. Also on this weekend's agenda? A Pink Martini Concert with all the favorites and a work party that promises to be just a little rowdy... 'Tis the season, right?

Hugs and mistletoe kisses to you and yours. xoxo

Until next time... Hey! It's ok...

...If a Crewcuts catalog has you fully convinced that you might actually be a suitable mother after all (as long as a J. Crew model is the father...)

...If you can't tell if you love the haircut or if you just so happen to have a huge, lesbian crush on Jessica Alba.

....If figuring out your favorite Michael Jackson song feels like a defining moment...

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