Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things that are worth it.

I've been thinking about things that are worth it. Sometimes "it" is a little extra money, in other situations "it" is a little extra time. Whatever "it" is, some things just worth it. This is what I've come up with so far...

1. Waiting for the water to heat up
2. Putting on mascara, even if it makes you late for work. 
3. The difference between "tall" and "grande"
4. "Licensed Professional"
5. iWhatever. 
6. A pen that makes your handwriting not quite so terrible. Perfect penmanship? That's a stretch. But legible? I'll take it. 
7. An ad-free Pandora listening experience during election season
8. Jeans that make your bum look fabulous.
9. Heated seats.
10. Calling a cab
11. "Just five more minutes..."
12. The gift that makes their face light up
13. That phone call you didn't really feel like making, but afterward you feel so much better.
14. Being there. Wherever "there" is, however far you have to travel, being there is worth it.
15. Drinking what you really want to drink, even though it's not on special. 
16. A shopping spree that turns your mood around. 
17. Doing what you love, even if it means a pay cut. 
18. Quality (leather goods, chocolate, coffee, and wine.)
19. "One-of-a-kind"
20. a view
21. the 45 cents it costs to mail that letter you've been meaning to write, the thank you note to your sweet aunt, or that birthday card to your grandpa. 

So tell me, what's worth it to you?


  1. 1. A must!
    15. Why don't I just order what I want! 1st New Year's Resolution.
    17. Doing what you don't love isn't worth your time.
    18. Always QUALITY never quantity!



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