Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hey mama

I'm working in the office today, Which would lead you to believe I... 1. showered 2. dressed in business attire 3. am actually doing work.

Instead though, I... 1. Have dirty hair in a messy ponytail 2. Am wearing 3 different patterns (at the same time) 3. Am listening to old-school Kanye West (hence the blog title) and drinking excessive amount of coffee (as per usual) 

Before I left the house though, I walked into the kitchen to pick up some outgoing mail & my mom and I realized we kind of match. We are both super into the holidays. Like for real. But we try to save the Santa suits and light-up sweaters for the week before Christmas. We keep it festive the rest of December, but in a subdued kind of way. This is our take on semi-seasonal style. So you can be kind of Christmasy without looking like you work in your local mall's "North Pole," ya dig?
[patterns in action; stripes, leopard, and laceprintfloral? Yeah, I went there, but the black keeps the look grounded. and if anyone even tries to question my legitimacy, I'm wearing a massive timepiece, so clearly I mean business.]
Mom's scarf (by CAbi) is the perfect shade of red, and it's lightweight, making it appropriate for this 65 degree day.
Ok, so maybe we don't match, but our approach is similar. Relaxed and causal with bold pops of color. 

p.s. You might recognize my sweater, it's made it to the blog before. For some reason, every time I wear it I feel like a fashion blogger. Go figure. 

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