Friday, April 1, 2011

Guilt-free Friday!

Friday again? Even though the days have been getting longer, time continues to fly by. This weekend my good friend Spring is supposed to be returning to town, bringing along her counterparts Sunshine and Blue Skies. Looking forward to the re-opening of the Farmers' Market with my dearest Lauren and I have every intention of bringing home a big bundle of fresh blossoms. Besides that, it's basketball, friends, and a little r&r. Hoping your weekend it delightful, too! Until we meet again...

Hey! It's ok...

... to think the whole "April Fools Day" thing is an over-rated joke.

... to buy all organic foods, to wear natural mineral make-up, and to use chemical-free cleaning products... but maybe sometimes occasionally microwave that take-out in the styrofoam container it came in 

... if your body is still adjusting to daylight savings time (or to at least use that excuse when you sleep in until 11:30)
[I much prefer dogs, but doesn't this sleepy kitten just look adorable? image via sundayinbed]

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