Friday, April 8, 2011

Guilt-free Friday!

Happy Friday, little tomatoes! Any exciting weekend plans? Mine are still up in the air, but the prospects of sunshine and relaxation are promising. That's one thing I'm really going to miss about college... 4 day weekends every weekend. But then again, unemployment is like a perpetual weekend, so life after graduation might not be so bad after all. In the mean time,

Hey! It's ok...

... to whine a  little when you don't get your way. (Or wine a little when things are particularly upsetting)

... if the biggest decision you feel like making today is which earrings to wear (p.s. when in doubt, pearls.)

... if laying out in the sunshine has come to replace trips to the gym, all that matters is that you're sweating it out. (Just don't forget the SPF!)
[I simply adore this straw hat by kate spade (duh) and am willing to beg, borrow(permanently), or steal]


  1. Completely obsessed with that hat. Like I must have it right now!

  2. I love anything and everything Kate Spade. This hat is absolutely adorable!



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