Wednesday, May 25, 2011

band it

I spent the past two days soaking up the sun. That's what you do when you're not really working and you have no responsibilities or obligations. As I was sitting on the beach today, Rob posted this song on my Facebook, and it seemed appropriate (and it will make reading this post 87% more enjoyable... statistically speaking)

Anyways, as a result of my labor, I have a tan that would make the general population mistake me for one lovely Latina (and undoubtedly make my dermatologist cringe...) I always put SPF 30 on my face though. All day, e'ry day. And I always protect my hair. If your colorist is as good as mine, or if your blonde-a-phobia* is as bad as mine, you should protect your tresses too. Here are a few of my favorite ways...
Halo Mist by Sebastian makes hair silky and shiny and added bonus: it has UV protection. I use it after blow drying and before hitting the beach/pool. (Warning: I only put it on the length of my hair, never the roots. Let's be real, after 48 hours these locks start lookin' greasier than the bottom of a Bojangles box, sans product.)
I absolutely love hats. A big, floppy hat is great because it gives added protection to the face. And I am currently craving a cute Panama hat like this on from J. Crew. 
Headbands/wraps are great because they are light and no-fuss. My aunt recently gave me one similar to this one, and I cannot stop wearing it! Headwraps are perfect because you can adjust them to your desired width, so even if you're not obsessed with protecting your hair color from the sun's damaging rays, they keep your hair out of your face!

Worst case scenario, I have been known to wrap shirts, towels, or other miscellaneous objects around my head. I mean let's face it, at the end of the day, it's all about the hair.

*blonde-a-phobia (noun) the fear of becoming blonde; not the actual fear of blondes. 

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