Monday, May 23, 2011

call me rita

Nothing says summer like a margarita. I think my taste for them is hereditary- all the women in my family love them. True story: on Seis de Mayo (you know, the day after Cinco de Mayo) my aunt sauntered into a 2 hour meeting... 2 hours late... and candidly explained that she drank one margarita the night before and woke up with a killer headache. She went on to assure her boss that she took a BC powder and was good to go. Now granted, she wasn't late because of the cheap tequila, rather she had mistaken the time of the meeting. And when she made the proclamation about the BC powder she didn't realize she was actually 2 hours late, she was just making small talk with her co-workers. That painful realization came approximately 45 minutes later. Talk about embarrassing...

The fun doesn't stop there. In my cousin's graduation toast, my grandma professed "Thank God for lipstick, men, and margaritas!" What can I say; I come from a long line of classy women.

The only foreseeable threat to the appeal of a mid-summer margarita is the potential damage to your perfect bikini body, right? Wrong. Enter: the SkinnyGirl Margarita. I mean you could try to make your own, but you just can’t beat the comfort/appeal of knowing that the only thing standing between you and citrusy, tequila goodness is a screw-cap. Now if you’re feeling fancy, you can add other things to kick it up a notch (How’s that for an old school Emeril reference? BAM!) 

Our favorite additions? Orange Liqueur (Grand Marnier is always good, and Patron’s version is exceptional!) a splash of Sprite Zero, and fresh berries make for a tasty treat when you get to the bottom of your glass!
[I like to rim my glass with a mix of salt and sugar (actually Truvia.) It is delicious and helps cut back on the sodium.]
[three generations of margaritas on the porch- the perfect way to end a beautiful, summer day!]


  1. Yuuuuummm!! I don't know if I can make to 3 dollar margaritas at el cerro after seeing this :)

  2. I miss youuuuu! And the fam a lot, seriously if I don't marry in I'm in big trouble!



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