Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Do you remember playing that game at slumber parties where you flip through yearbooks and pick one potential future husband from each page? No matter how terrible the selection was, you had to pick one boy from each page. Oh to be 11 again...

This morning while we were attentively listening to our classmates' final presentations in Digital Multimedia, Jordan and I reinvented this little game. After drooling over the Essie Brazil collection (out in June) we flipped trough each page of polish (i.e. the entire Essie website...) and picked out one shade from each page. The competition was significantly more competitive that the selection of boys from my childhood days, but then again I went to a tiny private school...

If I could pick just one shade from the Brazil collection I would go for braziliant, but I have a feeling I will be purchasing absolutely shore as well...
And maybe a few others...

So tell me, if you had to choose just one from this collection, which shade would you go for?!


  1. My friends and I totally played that yearbook game!

  2. Ah, I never played that yearbook game, but a similar one that was one of my favorites was MASH! And that's so cool your family has a house in Wintergreen and loves Duners!



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