Thursday, May 5, 2011

sexy mexi.

It is no secret that I love everything Mexican, so I always take full advantage of Cinco de Mayo. It is perfect because it typically falls right in the middle of exams and provides a much needed break (or fiesta) from all the cramming (unless you have no exams, holler). Today, I have every intention of accomplishing absolutely nothing except getting a few shades darker (for the sole purpose of possibly passing for Latina) and achieving the perfect 50/50 balance of guacamole and tequila in my daily caloric intake. Ay dios mio! 

Recipe for grapefruit margs? Ok, Ina, take it away.

Delicious looking taquitos? Ok, here ya go

Recap from last years Cinco de Mayo/Easy Guacamole How-to? Sure.

Anything else? Oh, a picture of me in a sombrero? If you insist...


  1. You're looking darker already! And your nails match your bathing suit. On purpose, I'm sure. ;)

  2. So cool that you have so much appreciation for Mexico, I love that! I'm mexican and love it when others get excited for cinco de mayo celebration, you look darling with your sombrero!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries



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