Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day

I was fortunate enough to spend Mother's Day with my family in beautiful Emerald Isle... 
Started the day with cinnamon rolls
 and my brother tried to cook breakfast, but my mom wasn't too quick to give up her kitchen
Made brownies from scrath with my pretty sister
and then made pralines too!
Yoshi stood by to lend a hand with any potential spills
and I stayed in pajamas until 4pm
the pralines were good
and my tablescape would make even Sandra Lee jealous. (Dinner was so delicious that I completely forgot about my little Nikon...oops!)
We topped off the brownies and pralines with fresh strawberries and my grandma's homemade whipped cream
 And enjoyed a beautiful evening on the porch.
p.s. aren't my parents cute?

Hoping you had a wonderful Mother's Day too. Hug your mom. :)


  1. mmmm food overload too early in the morning!! those sticky buns look AMAZING!

  2. your table and buffet of food are so pretty! got me craving my mama's homemade whipped cream now :)



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