Friday, February 3, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Hello hello and a happy weekend to you! The temperatures are supposed to drop just a bit, so I'm hoping to spend some time cuddled up by the fire this weekend. I'm looking forward to watching the Super Bowl (commercials) and eating spicy chili. I hope your weekend is delightfully cozy, too! Until Monday...

Hey! It's ok...

... to start shopping for bikinis in February. Or to banish the harrowing thought from your mind until mid-March.

... to wish Taylor Swift was doing the halftime show instead of Madonna [yep, I said it. sue me.]

...if you're still rooting for Tebow. [and if you just might have a giant crush on him... but seriously, who doesn't?!?]


  1. I'l be able to HEAR the SuperBowl from home. So we're going further away from the mayhem to a small group party OUTSIDE city limits. I don't like to be around crazy! haha



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