Thursday, February 9, 2012

Think Pink

Last week I was invited to attend a wine expo and tasting in Wilmington, NC. I'm always looking for an opportunity to go to Wilmington to visit my favorite boys (and drink wine, for that matter) so it was perfect! Rob and I spent the afternoon with Choice Specialty Wines, swirling, sipping, and learning a lot. The event couldn't have come at a better time, as Faith recently asked if I would do a post on some wine recommendations!  

But first, a disclaimer: I am in no way a wine expert. Enthusiast? Perhaps. Snob? Never. I think wine-making is truly an art form and I have a love and appreciation for it, but I'm not delusional enough to consider myself a sommelier. I can't differentiate between apple notes and a hint of pear... but I am all for learning and enjoying.

We sampled some great wine from South Africa, a white from Argentina (I thought they only made Malbec!) and I was introduced to a sparkling rose. I broke my only wine rule: I typically don't drink pink (ok, maybe I'm a little snobby, but white zinfandel just doesn't do it for me...) One of the wine reps coerced me into tasting this French wine by promising that it was 100% pinot noir (that is Rob's middle name) and not the least bit sweet (I don't do sweet wine, I'm sweet enough already.) 

I won't lie, I was skeptical. I had even scoped out the nearest spittoon and devised an exit strategy in case it was truly terrible. But it was delicious! And pink! And bubbly! Every girl's dream, right? It is fresh, fruity, and crisp. 

So of course you can pick up a bottle of red for Valentine's Day (I'd certainly never turn it down.) Or mix it up and think pink
[video from Funny Face... have you seen it?]

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  1. Awww, yay! We'll have to try this! Sparkling wines are so refreshing with dessert, and I will definitely be wanting some sweets on Valentine's Day!



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