Sunday, February 26, 2012

hello + inspiration

Hi love doves... I feel as though a bit of an explanation is in order. 2 posts last week? The only thing more pitiful than that is the number of times I went to the gym in that 7 day span... just once. It's really a silly thing, and there's no true reason for my absence. The weather was heart-achingly beautiful until Friday, I was shockingly productive (thanks to a new technique I've employed- more on that tomorrow), and then I got waylaid by a migraine yesterday. I spent a good portion of the day in bed, curled up with Hemingway.* Thankfully, I rallied for church, which was great (have a listen here.) Well, how's that for an overshare? In short: life is sweet.

When I find myself feeling uninspired, I typically don't post, but it was quite the contrary this week. Beautiful bits of inspiration popping up all around. My mind has been an ocean of ideas, pulling every which way with the currents and trade winds, so, just for today, I will slow down. Edit. Organize. You need that, every now and then. But, if you dare, just a glimpse into what has caught my attention lately...
 [stormy seas]
 [bright ideas]
 [These BCBG heels were a steal at Marshalls... $15!]
[comfy, cozy]
[Jesus Calling is always an inspiration, but today's message was just perfect. I'm trying to be more mindful of the journey. Because it really is a beautiful ride.]

*I'm reading A Farewell to Arms, and enjoying it very much. Diving into a classic after reading loads of young adult/chick lit is kind of like jumping into the cool ocean on a hot, spring day. Rattling at first, but surprisingly refreshing once you get acclimated. 

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  1. No, not a migraine! I haven't been reading much since I graduated in December... still reveling in the bliss of having no homework! Love your photos!



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