Friday, February 10, 2012

touches of Valentine's day

Only a few days left until the sweetest day, and things are certainly starting to shape up around here...
glass jars filled with sugar cookies that, at a glance, might be mistaken for lace doilies
I guess you could call this Christmas cactus a late-bloomer, but it suits me just fine. The fuchsia blooms seem more appropriate now than they would have in December anyway.
a little pampering (manicures to celebreate a sweet friend's birthday) and gorgeous red polish.* (2 strangers have stopped me to tell me so & one even grabbed my hand! It reminded me of this exchange last year and has me thoroughly  convinced I should wear red polish all the time.)
 My mom's mantle always looks good...
 ... but I'm especially fond of the sweet, romantic touches it has right now (like this adorable photo of my parents, tucked inside a pretty glass dome.)
 This precious boy is all hearts & kisses after a fresh haircut this morning!
 It has finally been cold enough to wear these cozy fingerless gloves Taylor gave me in December! (J. Crew)
 A vintage-inspired mug
 No shortage of love notes
And I'm sure you're seen photos similar to this one all over Twitter and Instagram, but I'm loving the Valentine's cups at Starbucks!

Click here to see last year's touches of Valentine's day post.

*psst... it's the gel nail polish! Great for when I know I'm going to be particularly hard on my nails.


  1. LOVE! OH, and my friend just got the gel nail polish and she loves it, I wasn't too convinced, but if you like it why not! ;) And I was at Starbucks the other day ordered and ordinary coffee and they didn't put it in the valentines cup! I wanted to ask for it, but didn'

  2. Great collection of Valentines touches. I LOVE the glass bell cover and the sugar cookies in the jar! I have some leftover dough from Christmas, I should really make some cookies for myself. No Valentine this year :P My dad always buys me flowers though - he's the man in my life ;)



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