Friday, March 2, 2012

Guilt-free Friday!

Hola Babies... are you having a happy day? It is Friday, so it has to be just a little happy. Busy weekend ahead but hoping it is very productive. Lots of big things happening... ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. All good, fun, new, and exciting. I hope you do big things this weekend! xo

Hey! It's ok...

... if raiding the pantry/fridge is your idea of spring cleaning. (Or, lets be real, emptying your wine rack. Cheers!)

... if you can't decide which scares you more: Snooki announcing her pregnancy or seeing on Facebook that everyone you went to high school with is knocked up. 

... if your motivation for working out is the smug feeling of self-satisfaction you get when walking past the bathing suit section in Target. Yes, it's March. I see you, bikini season. This tush is ready. 
[p.s. I've got my eye on this one (the top, at least) by J. Crew. But in red.]
[And if I fall off the wagon I'll just buy this beautiful cover up. Which buys me a wedge. Courtney Kerr, anyone?]


  1. OMG, what is it with EVERYONE being preggers lately! I can't stand it. And just cause I've been married for 3 years doesn't make me stop asking people...shheesh! lol Sorry for the rant on your blog,...maybe I should do a post on this ;) Have a great weekend! And I'm excited for your changes...whatever they may be! xo

  2. So many babies. Not happening in our household for awhile! :) Cheers!



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