Thursday, March 22, 2012

just throw it in the bag

Hi kittens! Remember how I teased you with top secret travel plans? Well, I'm leaving on this evening's flight to Atlanta to spend a glorious weekend with my family cheering on our Wildcats in the NCAA tournament! It's the first trip all six of us have done together in quite some time, and to say I'm excited would truly be an understatement. In between games, we are sure to do some shopping, run along the Chattahoochee River, and have several delicious dinners out.

Packing for this sort of trip can be a daunting task. I'll only be gone four days, so checking a bag seems silly. But between all the activities we'll be doing, multiple outfit changes will be required each day (at least for this diva.) To keep it simple, I'm sticking to one main color palette, Kentucky Blue, for obvious reasons, but throwing in some unexpected twists to keep it fresh!

Outfits for the games will be casual and spirited...
but with fun accents, like this layered necklace and some bold, leopard flats, to elevate the look (just in case I happen to make my television debut)
Traveling with restaurateurs always guarantees one thing: delicious food. Seriously, my parents know how to find a great restaurant (darn industry insiders, they know all the best-kept secrets) Outfits for dinner will be dressier, but I'll incorporate pieces I can easily mix and match
This top will be worn during the day with cropped pants and gold sandals, and then at night over this sneaky black dress.
You thought it was a skirt, huh? I'm tricky like that. 

Watch out, Ashley Judd...
You've got nothing on this...

psst... Tune in next week to see how I fit eight days in 2 separate states into one carry-on... hopefully.


  1. So excited for you!!! Family trips are great. Mega jealous you get to watch ncaa games up close & personal! Have so much fun & will look for you when I'm watching the home...on my television....haha
    Go Wildcats!!

  2. I love this post! You are so creative with your outfits. Have a great time!



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