Wednesday, March 14, 2012

shrimp burgers and sunshine

Saturday morning was one of those perfect days that just demand you spend some time in the sunshine. Even though it was a little windy (in typical March fashion... roar!) Taylor and I bundled up and headed to the beach. We picked up shrimp burgers at Big Oak. If you ever make your way to this coastal town, Big Oak is an institution. In all honesty, I think it's half the reason Taylor keeps coming back. (The other half? My sweet pup.)

Last September we talked about a transitional wardrobe... one that works between seasons. As important as it was in early fall, it is equally essential in March. The principles that I stick to in September serve as a guide during early (almost) spring too. My number one? Don't try to force it. If you try to fight the weather, you will lose. Instead, choose bold, happy colors, lightweight layers, and fun accessories. 
 [proof that it was particularly windy by the shore]
 [As much as I prefer flats for spring, I equally despise cold toes. So for Saturday, I stuck with my trusty boots. To take this outfit into warmer weather, I'll trade the boots for flats, and lose the vest.]
[I firmly believe spring is more of an attitude than a season. Bright stripes and this bold cocktail ring give a fun, unexpected twist and lend an air of playfulness- which is what spring is all about!] 

Bottom Line: Trade boots for flats. Save the sandals and shorts for when you've got a fresh pedicure and your sunless tanner has really had a chance to do work. And have fun. 

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  1. Yes shrimp burgers...if I don't find a good one here soon I might have to just move back to NC. It's been crazy windy here too! xx



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